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Planning Your Dream Driveway

Why do you think concrete driveways are so standard? The adaptability, durability, and low cost of concrete are unparalleled. The strength and longevity of a concrete driveway make it a good investment. Driveways can be resilient and low-maintenance if poured by a reliable concrete service. So, if you’re feeling tempted to get a driveway put in, remember these points:

Color and Surface Texture

Select a color that will complement your home and the one you intend to build. Always remember to take into account the natural surroundings. Those who live in the country should consider using natural colors like neutral browns and greens. Blue and sand are great color choices for the beach. Keep the color scheme consistent from your home onto the patio or walkway. Because of this, it appears as though the entire property was designed with care and consideration.

Size Matters

Make sure there’s enough space for cars to park in your driveway. Parking spots should be at least 0.9 meters wide, and between 5.4 and 7.3 meters in length, though these dimensions will change depending on the vehicle you intend to park.

Keep in Mind the Utilities

The laying of conduits for future utilities and systems should be part of the process when constructing a new driveway. Possible examples of such amenities include mains water, electricity, and cable television. A durable tube, similar to a PVC drainage pipe, could be laid 30-45 centimeters below the driveway surface in case homeowners plan for some additional plumbing fixtures.

A concrete driveway boosts your property while creating an easy access. When you need some help with your concrete driveway installation in Silver Spring, MD, turn to Complex Concrete Construction. We deliver a flexible, quality concrete service to clients in and out of the area. Dial (301) 828-7318 to learn more!

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