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Three Concrete Maintenance Practices From a Concrete Driveway Repair Expert

Stop Ignoring Minor Driveway Issues

Many people mistakenly think concrete driveways require no maintenance whatsoever, but to best ensure functionality for years to come, it does pay to clean and seal the concrete driveway. What may seem like a minor issue now may soon be an expensive problem if ignored. Here are some maintenance practices from a reliable concrete driveway repair expert to preserve the value of your concrete driveway.

Inspect Your Driveway

Summer is a good time to get a close look at your driveway’s surface to look for signs of cracks, crumbling concrete, and weed growth. Sweep away leaves and branches to get a good look at the surface and address any problem areas. Also, look at your driveway’s surface just after it has rained to find areas where water is pooling as these may be susceptible to water damage.

Clean the Concrete

Clean concrete regularly, using simply water and soap to get rid of dirt and grime build-up and also to remove rust and other stains. Remove any traces of fertilizer on the concrete and pull out any weeds that have popped up in cracks or along your driveway’s border. If there are green algae or mold and mildew on the concrete surface, it can make the driveway slippery and dangerous to walk on.

Immediate Repair

Repair the problem areas and hairline cracks by applying concrete paint over the crack. For larger cracks, go with a crack repair product from your local hardware store such as a vinyl concrete patch, grout, or epoxy concrete patch to prevent any further damage to the concrete surface from freeze-thaw or from weeds.

If you want to avoid a situation where you would need to pay for a concrete driveway repair service, then avoid the situations that cause it. If you are looking for an expert that you can trust for roadside assistance in Silver Spring, MD, then you can call Complex Concrete Construction today. The number is (301) 828-7318.

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